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Slovenia is a small and compact country, but surprisingly diverse. It is located in Central Europe, between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Slovenia has absorbed the best from nature: crystal clear waters of the mountain lakes, snow-capped peaks of the Alps, dense forests and warm breezes of the Adriatic Sea. This country has not only an excellent location, but also a rich history, that started from the great migration of the Slavs to the Balkans in the VI—VIII centuries. But the main attraction, for sure, is the picturesque landscapes and magnificent virgin nature.

Ljubljana - Very few people know about Ljubljana more than “Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia”. Meanwhile, the city will be interesting for art lovers – as well as classical or modern.

Here you can find outstanding examples of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Ljubljana regularly hosts music festivals, exhibitions and biennales, and also international film festival LIFFe.

According to a study done by Lonely Planet in 2014, Ljubljana is ranked among top ten cities in Europe as the most interesting place in terms of architecture, nature, history and gastronomy. To the North-West from the city center there is the largest Park in the city — Tivoli with its area of 5 km2, founded in the years of Napoleon’s rule.

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. The first mention of the city refers to 1164. The main touristic sights of Maribor are the Gothic Cathedral of John the Baptist (XII century), the City Hall, built in the Renaissance style and The Maribor castle of the XV century. There are also the oldest vineyards in Europe, founded more than 400 years ago. In winter, the mount Pohorje is popular among the ski lovers. There are international slalom and giant slalom tracks.

Celje is the third largest city in Slovenia. It was founded by the Romans in the first century. The main touristic sight of the city is the ruins of a medieval castle. It is the largest castle complex in Slovenia. It was built by the counts of Celje family — one of the richest aristocratic families in Central Europe. Every summer, Celje attracts numerous tourists as well as the locals with a carnival that recreates the life of the city in the middle Ages. As a part of the carnival jousting tournaments are held, and guests of the festival walk down the streets in authentic outfits.

Piran is the most picturesque coastal city in Slovenia, a real pearl of Venetian architecture. This city will give you an amazing atmosphere of ancient, winding streets, the charm of sunsets and the comfort of the restaurants with fresh seafood and local wine. On the main square you will find a statue of the most famous man of the city - Giuseppe Tartini. The virtuoso violinist David Oistrakh says about this man the following: " Tartini is one of the leading figures of Italian violin school of the XVIII century, whose art retains its artistic value to this day." Going up to the Church of St. George on the hill, you can not only enjoy the magnificent panorama of the city, but also see the outlines of Venice on the horizon.

Postojna - Sometimes, the Postojnska Jama (Postojna cave) is called the main sight of Slovenia. Surely, it is in the UNESCO list. Discovered in the 17th century Postojna Yama is a system of caves with a length of 24.5 km. The Beauty of the place is beyond description. There are stalactites, stalagmites of different shapes and colors, halls of immense size, multi-level spaces, and bridges thrown across the abyss…  Truly magnificent pictures are opened before your eyes.

Predjamski grad - In about 10 km from the Postojna cave Predjama castle is situated - one of the oldest and most famous castles in Slovenia founded in the XII century. The castle is artfully built into the rock at an altitude of 123 m. Currently, the Predjama castle has a tradition of annual jousting tournaments. The tournament ends with a medieval Banquet served for all participants and guests of the festival. Predjama castle was chosen as one of the locations for "Armour of God" film with Jackie Chan starring.

Bled - The cozy town Bled is situated in one hour drive from Ljubljana. It is located on the banks of impressed by its beauty mountain lake. In the center of the lake, on the island, there is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, where everyone can make a wish, hit the bell for the wish to come true! The best views are open from the castle of XI century, which is located high on a rock. Climbing the numerous stairs can’t be easy, but the landscape that opens from the top of the rock worth it.

Bohinj - A mandatory destination for nature lovers is Bohinj Lake. It is an oasis of peace in the Alps, nested in the center of the Triglav national Park. It’s not only the place to enjoy the views of pristine nature; it also offers the endless opportunities for outdoor activities: skiing in winter or horseback riding on the slopes and forests of Bohinj in summer.